Billy Meier UFO!

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Billy Meier describes the UFO visitors as looking just like humans.  He also
contends they live a life of a thousand years and come from the Pleiades,
a bright star cluster 500 light years away.  The Billy Meier UFO encounters
reveal that their technology and consciousness is much more advanced
than mankind on Earth.
We take a look at the Billy Meier UFO story and videos!

Billy Meier began having visitors in UFO aircraft at his farm in Switzerland in
1975.  Billy Meier's UFO case is the most remarkable known.  Billy Meier's
first extraterrestrial contact occurred when he was just age five.  His UFO
footage and photographs of the UFOs are the best ever recorded.
Billy Meier claims the UFO visitors come in peace and only wish to share
their teachings with us.  Billy Meier has learned from them that we share the
same forefathers.
Billy Meier used a film camera on a tripod to shoot many of the UFO movies
that you will see in the videos.  The UFO craft have the ability to disappear
and reappear.
Billy Meier also has tape recordings of the sounds the UFO makes when
they visit.  They are unlike anything heard on Earth.
He lives an isolated life of hiding from the public and has even been shot at
before.  Still, Billy Meier has willingly turned all of his UFO materials over to
investigators, such as metal samples, pictures, film clips and more.
Amazingly, the Billy Meier evidence has withstood quite a bit of scrutiny and
scientific investigation.  He claims the UFO ships ride the waves of the
Earth's magnetic field when they bobble in the sky above him.
When Billy Meier is to meet the visitors in the UFO, he hears it in his head
and he feels it as a cold sensation.  He believes his vibrations are the same
as theirs, so they are able to communicate with him.
Billy Meier claims the aliens, who visit by way of UFO, are 3,500 years
advanced, studying us to learn about their own evolution.
When Billy Meier visits their home, his photographs, taken from aboard the
UFO, do not survive the travel or environment for some reason.
The Pleiadians consider us to be their little brothers, wanting nothing from
humankind, according to Billy Meier.  He has also subjected himself to
interrogation and lie detection tests.  

On a final note about Billy Meier's UFO story, the Pleiades have been
known by most cultures from around the world.  Could UFO sightings in the
ancient world also have been from this star cluster?  You decide...
Billy Meier UFO!
Billy Meier UFO!
Billy Meier UFO!