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How to take UFO pictures.  How to photograph a UFO.
Fake UFO Picture
How is it best to photograph UFOs?  How can
you find a UFO?

Diligent UFO photographers have had several
suggestions, and we combined them for a UFO picture
taking advice page!
1) Search for UFOs in the night sky when
there are fewer planes.  Work on clear
nights, and try to rationally explain anything
that you may be considering as unusual.  
Still, take a lot of shots of the UFO while it
can still be seen.

2) Search near high voltage lines or over
large bodies of water.  Why?  Some say
UFOs are easier to photograph near them,
as they are drawn to higher levels of
magnetic interference and places where they
are less likely to be spotted, perhaps.
Standing on a hill will give you greater
visibility of the sky and landscape.
3) Use a tripod to photograph UFOs and take lots of pictures, creating a sequence of the object in
question.  By doing so, your UFO photographs will capture better detail and flight style.

4) Be sure and zoom in and out on the UFO, and allow background objects to be photographed with it.  
If possible, use a film camera, instead of digital for credibility.
5) Try using different camera settings when
taking your UFO pictures, especially for night
time shots.  This way the photographs you
capture will have various views of the same

6) Shoot video footage of the same UFO
object you spot.  More credibility is better.  
Videos of UFOs are the best evidence and
the absolute best way to record UFO images.
 Be sure you have a video camera than can
work in low-light conditions (zero light lux, IR
night shot, etc).

7) Remember that UFOs are typically seen in
waves, so if you see one, keep searching for
you may see more soon.  Sometimes, UFOs
can be seen in large numbers in the same
area.  This is known as a
UFO flap.
8) Check with UFO reporting centers on-line and see if there are any UFO reports in a nearby area
where you can photograph.  Good research up front can save one time and produce results quicker.

9) You may consider using a telephoto lens with your camera or video recorder.  Also, a powerful zoom
feature can really be advantageous.
10) Be sure and have the time and date
stamp on your camera set correctly.  Nothing
worse than showing a photo that was
captured yesterday, with a date on it from
five years ago!  Why have to explain even
more to non-believers?

11) Finally, always go UFO spotting with
others;  never photograph UFOs alone.  
Patience in photographing UFOs is a must.  
You may go searching for UFOs many times
and never capture a good UFO picture, but
why not try?
UFO Pictures: Real UFO Picture
Vickie TGAW took this
photograph of a UFO near
Mount Rogers up the AT Spur
Trail from the Massie Gap
parking lot.
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