Chinese UFO Pictures & Story

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A UFO supposedly flying over the China skies on July 7th, 2010 has made
headlines around the world.

July 7th, 2010, an unidentified flying object, a UFO, appeared over the Xiaoshan
Airport in Hangzhou, China. It was reported to have caused serious delays in airline
flights. Since that time, incredible images of the supposed UFO have been shown by
news agencies, such as CNN, that if true, would be the best evidence yet in favor of
UFO and alien interaction with our planet. There was also another reported UFO
sighting over a small village. What is going on in China?

CNN is now reporting that the area where the video and photos were said to have
been taken is incorrect and that some of the images were "Photoshopped." Another
report from a news agency claimed that you had to watch the correct video, meaning
that one of them was an authentic version of a real UFO. A ballistics expert from MIT
came forth and said the UFO was a rocket fired over an entirely different country.

What we
can determine is that an oddly-shaped, bright light did appear over the
airport, forcing it to shut down for awhile. It was said that the UFO sighting over China
was connected to a military event. Sounds like a rocket to us, but take a look at the
following video ofimages of the Chinese UFO.
Possible Chinese
UFO sighting sparks
a news and Internet
search craze in early
July. The video shows
several of the UFO
over China pictures.