Colorado UFO Story & Video

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Is this video proof of a Colorado UFO?
Witnesses looking to the skies over Lafayette, Colorado saw three glowing lights in
triangular formation -- they even filmed the UFO and posted it to YouTube where it has
become a hit!

People who saw the Colorado UFO claim they could not see anything connecting the
luminous unidentified flying objects. The glowing orbs seemed to change shape which
would confirm this but also raise another question: Could this UFO really be floating
Chinese lanterns? This seems likely when viewing the UFO clip shot during clear skies.

Leroy Vandervegt, who is 50 years old, filmed the UFO video after having it pointed out
to him by his son. Apparently, the UFO was traveling along the horizon from southwest
to southeast. The red lights did not flash, blink or create any noise. It was silent and not
discernible by local radar. Mr. Vandervegt was not alone that night; there were three
other reports of the UFO sighting.
UFO video taken by
Mr. Vandervegt, March
20, 2011. The three
reddish lights
appeared over
Lafayette, Colorado
near Denver.