Essex UFO Video

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The following UFO video is said to have been recorded near Stansted Airport in Essex, England.
Numerous UFOs are seen in the video, flying over a car driving down a road. Is it a real UFO sighting?
When you watch this UFO video, many of the orb-like flying anomalies seem
to emanate primarily from one flying ball of light. The area of Sussex is
where an earlier UFO report was said to take place (near the Essex and
Hertfordshire border) on the M11 highway.
The Essex UFO video has come under scrutiny, as the sound seems to be
split between two tracks (left and right) which means some of the audio was
added to the clip. Also, the balls of light look a little "unreal" and on top of the
Essex countryside. The man who filmed the Essex UFO video maintains his
story of it being authentic. Is it real? You decide...