Fake UFO Pictures

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How to fake a UFO picture...or how not to fake UFO pictures.
Fake UFO Picture
Not everything you see should be believed.

We created the fake UFO picture pictured at left in just
15 minutes by using an image of a pie pan, scenery
picture that came on our computer, and Paint computer
program.  The UFO is even blurred due to its flight
across the blue sky!  How easy deception is today.
Many UFO pictures that are seen around the
web are fake.  Yes, fake.  Today we live in a
world where people who are empowered by
the personal computer can easily create fake
UFO photos at will.  Many UFO pictures are
faked simply by knowing one’s way around a
graphic art program, and the more skilled a
graphic artist is, the harder it is to determine
if the UFO picture is authentic or fake.  With
a little time on one’s hands and some
patience, a person can create a compelling
argument for the existence of UFOs in less
than an hour.

When the early UFOs were captured on film
and the public became mesmerized by them
in the 1940s, people from all around the
world began faking UFO photographs.  Many UFO pictures have been exposed as fakes, but even the
best ones today are still questionable.  The UFO craze created a myriad of pie plate tossers, who
looked to capture just the right aerial image to show their friends.  Some UFO picture creators even
tossed trash can lids, cereal bowls, hats and their own UFO models against scenery that would make it
difficult to judge the object’s size.  The sky afforded the best UFO picture background, as no object for
size comparison would be photographed.

Some UFO pictures were faked by painting an image (or pasting a UFO image) onto a photograph of
scenery, and then re-photographing close-up the entire compilation again.  The effect seemed to
“blend” the image of the UFO into the picture nicely.
In the modern age, UFOs can be created
easily as simple light anomalies within digital
photos, or even crafted into glorious ships by
the same photo editing or art program.  If
one wants to fake a UFO picture that is even
more convincing, then building a realistic
looking UFO model and photographing it
against a green background works best.  
The UFO model can then easily be cropped
out of the photo and pasted onto a photo of
scenery quite easily, all through a computer

A fake UFO photo can be easy to detect, as
most creators forget to account for the
direction of sunlight in the background photo,
in comparison to the shadows cast upon
(and possibly by) the fake UFO itself.  Other UFO photos that have been faked err in having a UFO in
the background that is as clear and detailed as an object might appear in the immediate foreground.  
Objects in the distance are naturally “fuzzy” due to atmosphere alone.  Also look for fake UFO pictures
that appear “contrived” and not a naturally created.  One must imagine the shocked, amateur
photographer trying to photograph an elusive UFO that is moving and not trying to be seen.  That
would lend one to think that the UFO should commonly be blurred to some degree.

In this digital age, who can really tell if a UFO photograph being passed off as real, is not just a well-
thought out fake?  With some thought, time and patience, anyone can create a fake, but compelling
picture of a UFO.