Fireworks UFO Picture

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Joanne Mali of Hull in the UK sent us this possible UFO picture taken during a
fireworks display:

"My sister was taking a photo of a firework on New Year's Eve 2009 and there seems
to be something else in the picture, just above the firework.  We zoomed in and it looks
like a UFO; but we don't have any photo enhancing tool, so cant make it more clear.

That night, my family and I were outside.  All of a sudden, these orange balls of light
appeared in the sky.  Sometimes they moved.  Other times they just stayed still and
got brighter and darker.  They were everywhere in the sky and all appeared together,
then disappeared together.  It was so weird.  I have attached the photo..."
Fireworks are
boxed in light
green, while the
UFO in the
picture is circled
in yellow.

Two close-ups
of the UFO.

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UFO Picture
Fireworks UFO Picture
Closer view of the UFO & fireworks in the picture...
Fireworks UFO: Close-up