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Navajo Nation Rangers are a Federal Law Enforcement resource outfit on the
reservation in Northeastern Arizona. They explore the paranormal, such as things
going bump in the night, haunted locations, objects appearing out of the air, things
flying across rooms, ceramics exploding and even UFO investigations. Their
willingness to investigate is refreshing and their honesty of what they discover, or even
witness themselves, is remarkable. Most police departments won't take reports like
this – but the Navajo Rangers do, and that makes them a paranormal task force.
UFO encounters on Navajo land
is not new. Recently, in January
2012, lights were witnessed by
a mother and daughter over
Native American reservation
land. The lights floated
overhead, blinked out one after
the other; then, a craft with a
black dome was seen followed
by a sonic boom. The nearby
town of Chinle, Arizona
(northeast of Flagstaff)
blacked-out during the UFO
sighting. Immediately following
the UFO sighting the weather
changed drastically and snowy,
blizzard came. Was all of this the result of aliens invading our skies? Could it have
been a United States military, experimental craft? No one knows, right now.

Below are copies of reports about the UFO above Navajo land:
UFO Sighting Report - Navajo Land
UFO Sighting - Native American Navajo Land
UFO sightings on Native American land near Chinle were also reported in October
1995 when an active member of the military described seeing a metallic rectangular
UFO hovering above the desert four times. The flying object was pursued by eleven
military aircraft. As recent as 2009, two balls of lights that were in alignment floated
above Navajo land near Chinle. There was a lead light, no other lights and no sound of
propulsion. It's estimated that the lights were two to three thousand feet above the
Earth and floated away out of sight after about seven minutes.

Navajo Rangers make the reporting of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena
appear more legitimate, especially due to the Native Americans' willingness to
respond while patrolling land or following up on reports of paranormal activity. Many
times, Navajo Rangers have confirmed eyewitness accounts, often experiencing such
things themselves. They seek to not hold judgment about any situation from the start,
investigating with an open mind while allowing chips to fall where they may.