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Are most UFO pictures real, or are they mistakes and fakes?
Lens Flare UFO Picture example!
Many UFO pictures can be explained away as being
military aircraft or balloons, lens flare, natural
environmental phenomena, and unfortunately hoaxes.  
Certainly not all
UFO pictures can be cast aside, but
many can and we should spend just a bit talking about
UFO pictures that simply do not contain any UFOs at all.

Left: Example of a lens flare UFO picture.
UFOs that have been confirmed by multiple
witnesses' cameras are the best
confirmation.  These of course are rare
events in
UFO picture history, but
nonetheless, evidence such as this is the
most credible.  Multiple pictures of the same
UFO moving across the sky with foreground
objects visible for size comparison, certainly
add credibility to any UFO photograph.  Call
multiple pictures of the UFO craft as it glides
across the sky the "sequencing" of UFO
images.  Such UFO sequences help to
validate real UFO pictures from the frauds.  
UFO pictures taken during the day will reflect
light and cast shadows properly - further
verification of a good UFO picture.
The UFO picture, if good, will have detail and not be just a blurry blob.  Of course UFO videos can
certainly provide even more credibility.  If the UFO is recorded on film, it is more credible than a digital
image which can be computer manipulated in an art program.

Quite a few UFO pictures, are simply lens flare.  When sunlight shines into the camera lens, it will create
glowing blobs of light.  Even light at night can produce a similar effect.  A lens hood installed on the
camera will prevent this, by the way.  Other UFO pictures seem to be a natural occurrence, such as a
flying bird or insect.  Yet, other UFO pictures that are explainable have been found to be double
exposures that had occurred within the camera, leaving light burns on the film.
And lastly, the worst UFO pictures are those
that are hoaxed by throwing of objects (such
as pie pans) into the air and photographing
them.  Some people will go to great extreme
to produce detailed UFO spaceship models
and photograph them hanging off of a string.
Some have even produced flying models of
various sorts that were very difficult to
ascertain the scale of size on video or in
photo.  The easiest way UFO pictures are
hoaxed today is by way of computer editing
of video and photographic files.  Some of
these are nearly impossible to debunk,
especially without the right equipment to do
so.  Sadly, all of these techniques and more
are used to produce a
fake UFO picture.
For more reading, may we suggest: Capturing UFO Pictures.  This way, perhaps someone will work
harder at gathering real evidence of UFOs and not try to trick UFO enthusiasts.
UFO Picture Vegas
Light anomalies in the sky near Las vegas, Nevada.  
Photograph by Adam Baker
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