Roswell UFO: Russian Hoax?

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Roswell UFO: Russian Hoax?
A new book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of
America's Top Secret Military Base
, by author Annie
Jacobsen claims to tell story from a new source who
decided to share what he knew about Area 51 and the
famous Roswell UFO incident. The claim? It was a
Russian Hoax. What? That's right, if true, the Russian
government in the heart of the cold war decided to
create fake aliens and sent them over to the United
States on-board a flying saucer. Are you still reading

The Roswell UFO incident which took place in 1947 is
thought to have been many things, but no one had
come up with a Russian ploy to induce panic. But
apparently, according to Jacobsen, that is the truth
behind a Russian hoax designed to induce 1938's
War of the Worlds-type hysteria bigger than caused by Orson Welles, showing the U.S.
Government the capabilities of their enemy.

It's no secret that the Germans were working on
flying wing, rocketed, and flying saucer
aircraft. Like the United States, could the Russians have gotten their hands on flying
saucer technology after World War II and used it pull off a ruse? (See
Real Flying
Saucer Videos) In Area 51, we read that the Russians deployed such a flying disc from
the skies of Alaska and were able to pilot it down into the United States, eventually
crashing in New Mexico. The source of the story also went on to claim that the bodies
within the craft actually looked young, like 13 year old humans who had been disfigured
to resemble typical extraterrestrial descriptions. The claim is that it was done under the
direction (or from the experiments) of Nazi criminal doctor, Josef Mengele.
Roswell New Mexico: UFO?
According to the
book, the child-size
humans on the craft
had enlarged heads
and eyes. Their
bodies and UFO
aircraft were
transported to
Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base in
Dayton, Ohio,
studied, and
transferred back to
Area 51. (See the
Canton Roswell UFO
Was the Roswell UFO incident a hoax? Were there bodies found, and if so, were they
dummies, human, or an alien life form? The theories and questions still remain after all
these years.