UFO Sightings Over Texas

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UFO Sightings Over Texas - 2012 Rise in Reports
October 2012 has been a hot time to see UFOs over Texas with several sightings
ring this month. On the 20th of the month, a report of a UFO that was silent and
wing shaped came to MUFON. Apparently, it was spotted flying over Garland, Texas.
A report was filed with MUFON on the 22nd. The UFO was boomerang-shaped and
described as being dark gray or silver in color. It did not have any aircraft lights.

On the 23rd of this month, another wing-shaped UFO sighting was described over
Hurst, Texas. This Texas UFO sighting was reported by multiple witnesses who said it
was shaped like a "V" and had one light on it that was turquoise in color. The UFO
could, of course, fly and had hovering ability.

In September of 2012, there were 44 reports of UFO sightings in Texas. So, we can
safely say that Texas is a hotbed for UFOs. With the amount of military activity, we
have to wonder if drones might be tested in the Texas skies; and if not, could there be
actual UFOs attracted to Texas due to the amount of U.S. Military bases found within
the state (and the activity they bring)? You decide...

Below is a map of active military bases found within the state of Texas:
Military Bases in Texas