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Interview with Ron Williams, Producer & Director of UFO Connections TV Show.
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, President of Jazma Online! and Paranormal Investigator of H.P.I.  
Ron, how did you become interested in

"I became interested in UFOs when I was six
years old. I always knew there was intelligent
life somewhere in our universe. There was no
way we could be the only so-called intelligent
beings floating around on this little piece of
sand.  And to tell you the truth, I don't think
we're that intelligent."

How many shows have you done?

"I have done 321 shows of UFO Connections
and have had well-known guests from all
over the world, on the show. I have talked to
the military, Air Force, ex-CIA and FBI,
scientists, heads of UFO recovery teams, and many more, and I have come to the conclusion that all
anyone wants is the truth from our government, that UFOs are real and they know it.

No more lies no more deceit, just tell the people the truth.  That is all we are looking for.

And to the skeptic I would like to say 'You wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit you in the butt.
It's a wonder you even believe you even exist, and everything around you is just your own imagination.  
Wake up!'"
UFO Connections - Ron Williams
producer &
director, Ron
Why did you start UFO Connections?

"I started UFO Connections because I
wanted people that had information on
UFOs to be able to come and share their
information and not be re-acquired by TV.  
They had an hour to tell their story on what
they saw, or what type of encounter they
had and not be
laughed at.  I wanted the viewers to decide for themselves."

"I was very unhappy with the way the news media was reporting on UFOs. They were always making
some kind of stupid comment at the end of the report of a sighting, and I felt that was not fair to the
people that were reporting them."
"There are a few of them (the media) that are
trying to get the truth out, but most of them
have been stopped.  I guess that is what you
call freedom of the press. For the others that
call themselves reporters, I call them a bunch
of over paid educated a--holes. All they're
interested in, is who is sleeping with who and
how much dirt they can get on someone and
have it on the local news before anyone else
can; and then repeat it on the six o'clock
national news.  NBC and CBS are the worst
at it.  What a joke."

"This is the most important issue since the
beginning of mankind, that life does exist and
we're not alone in this universe.  I just don't
understand why they just brush it aside like it
was nothing."
Have you ever been threatened or harassed by the MIB?

"I never have been threatened by MIB, Men in Black, but I was approached by some guy that had a
bad toupee on, that showed me a small square thing the size of my little finger nail that was
transparent. Inside it was a device about the size of a pee that had three long hair looking things on it.
I asked him what it was and he told me that the government could plant this device on me at anytime
and I wouldn't even know it.  Then he turned and walked off.  Now that was strange, I thought."

"I have also had my car broken into and my phone tapped for awhile, but I have never had anyone in
the government threaten my life.  I have also been warned by high officials to be very careful; but
being careful you will never learn anything, especially when it comes to UFOs.  I do believe that
someday in the near future our government will come out and tell the people that UFOs are real.  I truly
want to believe that, but I'm not going to hold my breath."