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UFO Hunters premiers on the History Channel February, 6th, 2008!  The
above video is the trailer for the new, exciting television show.

UFO Hunters is new series on The History Channel, about a group of
experts as they explore some of history’s most notorious UFO accounts,
and the evidence surrounding the events.  UFO Hunters is a spin-off from
the History Channel’s
UFO Hunters which aired in 2005.  The show is
reminiscent of a ufologist's version of the hit TV program,
Ghost Hunters.
Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, Dr. Ted Acworth, and Jeff Tomlinson are devoted to finding the truth as UFO
hunters, especially when it comes to UFO reports and sightings. Each man has his own specialty to
bring to the UFO Hunters team.  Each week, the UFO Hunters travel to the locations of well-known UFO
sightings in an effort  to explore the event in detail to try and determine what truly happened.The UFO
Hunters will examine any and all evidence from witnesses, photographs, to audio and video recordings.
They will also explore government UFO files and attempt to re-construct the UFO encounters in both
Europe and North America.  Will they find the truth behind UFOs?  Tune in each week to find out!

The following incidents reported by individuals are investigated in the Spring UFO Hunters series:

· June 1947 – A group of people out boating notice odd-shaped aircraft in the sky overhead – when
fiery debris from the objects suddenly rains down on them. U.S. military sent in later to collect evidence
are involved in a plane crash. Not long after the boating incident, an unusual aircraft accident is
reported in Roswell, New Mexico, raising further questions.

· September 1961 – A couple driving on a rural New Hampshire road allege they were abducted,
examined, and returned to their car by their captors. Under hypnosis they reveal details of their
abduction and the woman draws a map of an unknown solar system. Years later, astronomers discover
a solar system closely matching it.

· 1980 – A pilot flying his small plane spots an object just below the surface of the water off Catalina
Island. He reports that a bright light emanating from the object enveloped his plane and froze his
controls, after which he lost consciousness.

August 2007 – Two sleepy villages in eastern Mexico, Valles and Xilitla, report debris falling from the
sky, and a 10-foot-diameter fireball was seen to fly back and forth through the sky as if being
maneuvered, before crashing to the ground..

· Since the 1980s, over 7,000 sightings of strange objects in the sky have been reported in the Hudson
Valley region of upstate New York, and the source of a powerful beam of light emanating from the center
of a local cemetery has yet to be determined.

Other episodes of UFO HUNTERS will investigate reports of man-made aircraft and spacecraft
encountering UFOs while flying, incidents of police encounters with UFOs, various stone formations
around the world, such as Stonehenge, that many experts feel are powerful clues into the extraterrestrial
world, and a look at the efforts of modern organizations like SETI and NASA, and what they are doing to
investigate the presence of extraterrestrial life in the universe.