UFOs: Interplanetary Communication

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Are Aliens and UFOs Proof of Interplanetary Communication Taking Place?
UFOs & Interplanetary Communication
For thousands of years, people have claimed to have either seen a UFO or
experienced alien contact firsthand. Are UFOs really alien and signs of
interplanetary communication from extraterrestrials?

Some great minds have believed in communication from other beings,
aliens to earth, who may be visiting or sending our messages to humans on
this planet. This interplanetary communication or contact is something that
still puzzles mankind today.
Interplanetary Communication!
Nikola Tesla began hearing such
interplanetary communications way back
in the late 1800s before others were
broadcasting signals that he would have
been able to detect. The following is an
excerpt from the book,
Helping Ghosts: A
Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits:

“In 1889, Nikola Tesla discovered he was
receiving mysterious transmissions from
his radio tower. Even though Tesla
thought that these transmissions were
evidence of interplanetary
communication, it is important to note that
he remained convinced that the
disturbances were not the product of
terrestrial origin:
'Others may scoff at this suggestion or treat it as a practical joke, but I have been in deep
earnest about it ever since I made the first observations at my wireless plant in Colorado
Springs from 1889 to 1900. At the time I carried on those investigations there existed no
wireless plant on the globe other than mine, at least none that could produce a disturbance
perceptible in a radius of more than a few miles. Furthermore, the conditions under which I
operated were ideal, and I was well trained for the work.'
- Nikola Tesla, Sept. 24, 1921,
excerpted from his letter Interplanetary Communication”
Interplanetary Communication: Ghost Box
Today, people claim to be recording
interplanetary communication by way
of a sweeping radio known as a
Box. Frank Sumption, its inventor, claims
to hear and record continuous messages
from aliens who call him “Purple.” This
device is also known as a “
ghost box,”
and people who are experimenting with it
are also reportedly recording some very
interesting messages that they feel could
be interplanetary communication.

The video, below, was recorded by
Eastern Paranormal using a sweeping
radio. Is it interplanetary communication?
Here's what EP had to say about the prospect
of interplanetary communication being recorded
by them:

"(We are) not a UFO research group. We are a
paranormal research group. We keep picking
up what we refer to as 'others' (not ghosts, not
deceased people but something with an
intelligence of current and past events). They
claim to be from the moon, parallel universes
and more. We do not know what to think. We
neither endorse or refute the evidence. We are
simply presenting it."
Perhaps more people need to be
experimenting with other-worldly
communication. Just maybe more audio
evidence will be captured that teaches
us more about UFOs and aliens.

Stay tuned...
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