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April 2008 UFO News
UFO Photographed at Croyden Park
Just south of London, a Russian teenager captured a flying object
streaking across the sky.  She described it as "quite large and
moving really fast...the size of a plane...(but) like a big mushroom."

Lights Once Again Spotted Over Phoenix
Lights were seen in the sky over Phoenix April 21st and sound similar
to recent sightings in New Jersey and Indiana.  Ten years ago, the
famous Phoenix Lights were seen over the city by numerous
witnesses.  Have they returned?  Witnesses from the Phoenix area
described the lights as morphing into different shapes, while
observing military jets chasing the lights across the sky.

UFO Spotted in St. Augustine
Two fiery balls of light flew across the sky in Florida and caused a
stir.  A family in Florida and a man in Germany all claim to have seen
the same UFO that resembled Asian sky lanterns, launched by
celebrators on two different continents.

March 2008 UFO News
Farmer finds space junk
Farmer James Stirton, a cattle farmer in Australia's remote northern
outback found a ball of twisted metal in his sheep and cattle pasture.
He suspects it could be space junk from a rocket.  Could it be from a
UFO?  James found the ball of metal last year, but does not know
where it came from, "I was riding out to check some cattle, and I
came around the corner and there it was in the paddock."  The
Powerhouse Museum in Sydney said that people do find space junk  
in remote areas of Australia's outback, and that it is not uncommon.

British man says in UFO report that aliens stole his dog
England's Ministry of Defense had 135 UFO incidents in 2007, and
the one that stood out most was a British man who said his dog was
abducted by aliens.  The man claims to have seen spaceships and
that one of them took his car, tent and dog while on a camping
excursion.  The report was received January 3rd, 2008, but was not
his first UFO news incident.  He reported UFOs two other times last
year, along with numerous UFO sightings spotted by other Britains,
such as bright lights, odd shapes in the sky, flaming objects and a
village blackout after exploding lights.

UFO research center housed in old nuclear missile silo
Peter Davenport is a full-time UFO investigator.  You may say, "So,
what?," but this man has some amazing credentials.  The site that
houses the National UFO Reporting Center in east Washington is
below ground and has been de-commissioned by the Air Force.  
Davenport has collected one of the most thorough databases on
UFO sightings, and has been doing so since the 1970's.  Peter is the
former chief engineer for Boeing's B2 Bomber project, has a degree
in biology, Russian, genetics and fish biochemistry, and founded a
Seattle biotechnology company.  In 1994, he became the director of
the National UFO Research Center.  Today, the UFO files are
meticulously kept in what is effectively a storage facility that could
withstand a nuclear blast.  Read more

UFO picture hoax?
Somebody using the phony-sounding name "Raji" claims to have
taken a UFO photo on May 16th in Capitola, California.  
Capitola UFO Picture The poster wrote, "I have no clue what this
thing is so I'm putting it out there to see if
anyone else saw it."  The man who posted the
UFO picture on Craig's List has since closed
his account and e-mail.  Hoax? Many believe
the UFO picture is just a good Photo-shopped