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July 2008 UFO News
UFO Sightings up for 2007
There were 836 UFO reported cases in 2007 according to the
Director of the Ufology Research Institute of Winnipeg.  That means
reportings of unidentified flying objects were up 12% over 2006.  "We
had been seeing a fairly high level for a number of years, but to see
such a high increase in 2007 was quite surprising," said Mr. Chris

Formby Twister UFO?
A man was out fishing with his wife and daughter when he
photographed a tornado called a "twister."  In the photos a UFO can
clearly be seen beside the funnel cloud.  Did the UFO create the
twister that appeared over West Lancashire, UK, or was it studying
it?  Take a look here:
Formby UFO Pictures.

Glow Lanterns Look Like UFOs
Special lanterns designed to glow and used at weddings have been
mistaken recently as UFO spaceships floating in the night sky.  
Police officers inside a helicopter couldn't believe their eyes over St
Athen, UK.  Their reports of a UFO made headlines around the world
and actually reached the newlyweds responsible while on their
honeymoon in Turkey!  When Lucy and Lyn Thomas saw reports on
the Internet, there was no doubt in their minds that their glow
lanterns were mistaken as unidentified flying objects.  The objects
were illuminated and released around the same time and location as
the police reports.  Thirty lanterns were released into the dark by
wedding guests as they made wishes.

Glow lanterns are about two and a half feet tall, made of paper and
wax.  When ignited, they glow and float upward like a hot air balloon.  
When the flame is extinguished, the lanterns float back down to the
earth.  While in the air, it is difficult to judge their size as they become
a very bright ball of light.

May-June 2008 UFO News
Alien Peeking in a Window?
Jeff Peckman released a clip to the news media of what he swears is
a live
alien peeking in a window on video.  "It shows an
extra-terrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at
night...looking in the window, that is visible through an Infrared
camera," Jeff said.  The alien is believed to be about four feet tall
and is seen blinking, Peckman also said earlier in June.  Jeff also
claims that a Colorado Film School instructor determined the video to
be authentic after much scrutiny.

Mars Lander Uses Shovel to Examine Samples
The shovel on the Phoenix Mars spacecraft is a robotic arm and is
ready to go to work. The University of Arizona-led
Mars mission
scientists say Saturday's say the shovel arm is a key to performing
science experiments. The goal is for the craft to begin analyzing soil
and ice samples in search for signs of life on the red planet.  Are
their Martians?  Stay tuned...

UFO, Aliens and Indiana Jones
The new "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" film
reached the cinema screens the end of May.  What may surprise
some is the adventure begins at area 51!  As we sit back and watch
the latest installment to the Indiana Jones franchise unfold, we learn
of a strangely alien-looking crystal skull which must be returned to its
skeleton.  Feeling we might have spilled too much of the plot, let's
just say, "Go see the movie, UFO buffs!"