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Oct 2008 UFO News
Triangular UFOs thought now to be US Stealth fighters
"I witnessed this craft going at around 200 miles an hour over Louth
in 1985. It was metallic grey in colour and shot past St James'
Church, just missing its spire. I thought at the time there was no way
this was just an aeroplane, but I knew it wasn't alien either."  Those
were the words of a UK man who drew a sketch of the craft back in
the 1980's.  He now believes it to be the US Stealth fighter jet:
Stealth Triangle

Another UFO spotted over Texas?
Two men claim video of their sighting prives they saw a UFO flying
over head in Austin, Texas:
Austin UFO Video

Former US Pilot Shot At UFO
Britain's National Archives released an archive October 20th, 2008
that revealed an American fighter pilot flying out of an English air
base on May 20, 1957 was ordered to shoot down an unidentified
flying object.  A UFO flying over the North Sea and moving erratically
sped away from the US fighter and disappeared within seconds,
before a full salvo of rockets could be released.  “This was a flying
object with very unusual flight patterns,” the pilot was cited as saying
after the UFO encounter.  The pilot never saw the UFO with his eyes,
but watched it on his radar screen.  “To be quite candid I almost
@#%$ my pants!”

UFO Penetrating Photographic Process
Christine Dickey claims to have developed a way to photograph
UFOs in greater detail.  Her technique has been dubbed "PPP," for
Penetrating Photographic Process.  To prove it works, Christine has
released a photograph of a UFO within a thunderstorm and what she
believes are various types of aliens!   In short, Christine believes
they can actually look inside the UFO ship.  See the
storm pictures.

More Chinese Lanterns in England?
A couple months ago, we wrote about Chinese lanterns being lit and
floated up at night for a wedding.  Of course, people saw the
numerous lanterns and believed them to be UFO spaceships.  Well,
it seems it happened again, but this time at an 18 year-old's birthday
party.  The birthday party sparked numerous sighting reports of
UFOs that were described as eerie, glowing orbs.

Do Reptilians Control This World?
Paul Dale Roberts reviewed David Icke's book The Biggest Secret.  
We Live in a World Controlled by Reptilians.

Aug-Sep 2008 UFO News
Singer Robbie Williams Visited By Alien
Angels singer Robbie Williams says he was visited by an alien after
composing a song about extra-terrestrial beings.  The singer claims
that a glowing light buzzed into the LA recording studio after he had
finished the song about alien-abduction entitled,
Arizona.  Latest
reports have Robbie being UFO-crazed and attending camps to try
and make contact with UFOs.

Chorley UFO Sighting Sparks Alert
Several people saw what was described as an "amazing, orange
light" in Chorley, Lancashire.  It seems the UK is a buzz with UFO
sightings this summer.  The light was also said to make "no noise,"
and sounds very similar to a sighting in Croyden.  Are these Chinese
Lanterns, again?

Swiss Daredevil Followed By UFO
Yves Rossy flew from France to Dover in his jet wing suit, crossing
the English Channel with ease.  But a video that captured him flying
by also seemed to record a UFO following him on his journey.  To us,
it looked like a stream from the jet, but you can watch the UFO video
Rocket Man.