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UFO NEws: UFO Flying Maneuvers
Nov 2008 UFO News
Lower Hudson Residents stand by UFO Sighting of 1983
A boomerang-shaped UFO the size of a football field was witnessed
by over 7200 people in the night skies of the Hudson River Valley.  
The New York area is well-known now as a hotbed to spot UFOs,
along with Sedona, Arizona and Stonehenge in England:
Artist rendering of
the Hudson UFO
from 1983.  It was
described as a
Read the story
and watch the
video here:
Hudson UFO
Another UFO spotted over Sacramento
News10 had a helicopter out filming football game highlights when it
spotted a UFO flying above them.  "I know what aircraft lighting looks
like and this was definitely something different.  It looked almost like a
scrolling message on a blimp to the naked eye. I was at 1,200 feet
and it was considerably higher," said pilot Ed Georges.

Callers to the newsroom also were
reporting the same UFO.  However, the
FAA and Sacramento International
Airport both said they were unaware of
the UFO. Also, Travis Air Force Base
stated they had no aircraft that could
have been confused with the UFO.
Sacramento UFO
Disturbing UFO-Helicopter Near-Collision
A police helicopter was able to quickly move out of the way of a UFO
above Birmingham, UK.  The Airprox report read, “The front
observer saw unidentified lights flying around their aircraft. The pilot
established visual contact, as he maneuvered the aircraft to avoid a
collision and to identify the light source.”  They estimate that the
UFO was only 100 meters away from the helicopter when it flew
around them.  The UFO was flying too high to be a radio-controlled
airplane. The area was immediately searched with a thermal camera,
but no craft of any sort could then be detected.
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Dec 2008 UFO News
UFO Flying Maneuvers!
To end 2008, we thought it good to provide some collected evidence
from Rich Giordano of UFOs in flight.  

The three UFO videos show UFOs executing unlikely flying
maneuvers. This makes them pretty hard to refute as being birds,
planes, helicopters and the like.  In fact, they even show objects in
the background which show the movement is not from the camera
shaking.  See the
UFO Flying Maneuvers Video