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2008 Sightings Spawn UFO Interest In Conference
Ever since a rash of UFOs have been seen in the skies over
Pennsylvania, people have been trying to get more information about
them.  It appears the Bucks County Community College was packed
for a UFO conference it hosted.  Last year, reports of UFOs rose
three times higher than '07.
UFO News!!! UFO Light Beam Seen Over Russia
Villagers en mass witnessed a UFO
over head in Russia that emitted a light
beam of some sort.  The UFO was
described as a glowing orb-like
anomaly that changed colors, and
periodically shot a light beam
downward to Earth.  Russian media
covered it quite a bit...
UFO Captured In Video During Obama Inauguration
In the background behind two CNN reporters discussing President
Obama's Inauguration, a very fast, flying object zooms by from right
to left.  Below is a still shot, with the video beneath showing the
Washington, D.C. UFO.
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Feb 2009 UFO News
We have had an interest in the origins of UFO history, specifically the
German World War II technology that landed in the hands of the
United States and Soviets.  We recommend watching the Real UFOs
documentary that aired on the History Channel's UFO Files:
Saucer Videos.  Also read about the history of UFOs, that has led to
many of the UFO sightings since the second World War:
History of
Flying Saucers.   Be sure and bone up on this amazing story!

Canada Had A Banner UFO Sightings Year!
2008 became the year to spot UFOs flying in the skies, especially in
Manitoba, Canada.  There were over 1000 reports of UFO sightings
last year, 25% more than in 2007!

Former Defense Minister Says UFOs Are Irrefutable!
Paul Hellyer believes the evidence is so strong to support the
existence of UFOs, that the former Canadian Defense Minister no
longer is hiding his beliefs concerning life on other planets.

Tuscon Mountains UFO Sightings
Mid-February, many have come froth to state they have seen a
rather large UFO over the mountains of Arizona.  Even stranger,
more UFO craft have been seen by additional witnesses since then,
causing local officials to question what the heck is going on.  The
UFOs have been described as having a large white light, surround
by smaller orange-ish lights circling.   The UFO is reported to change
shape, and a light beam has been seen emanating from the UFO
towards the ground.

Jan 2009 UFO News
RAF Ordered To Shoot Down UFOs!
During the 1980s until even today, Royal Air force pilots have tried to
down UFOs, but apparently with little success.  There is thinking by
the higher military officers that should they shoot one down, it would
resolve the question regarding UFOs once and for all.

Pilots were told to only shoot at UFOs that posed a threat.  Below is a
video about this story: