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May 2009 UFO News
History Channel's UFO Hunters Release Rare UFO Footage
The research team behind History’s UFO Hunters have uncovered
the first known daylight sighting of a triangle shaped flying object.  
Shot in 2004 in California, the footage has yet to be explained.

Daytime UFO
featured on
the History
Russian Scientist Claims UFO Crashed Into Meteorite
100 years ago, a meteor's full impact may have been lessened by an
extraterrestrial intervention some believe.  Dr. Yuri Labvin, president
of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, believes a UFO
sacrificed itself to prevent a gigantic meteoric impact above Siberia
on June 30, 1908.  It  is known as the Tunguska event.  It was a
massive blast that downed 80 million trees over nearly 100 square
miles. The sparse area was decimated with a bright light and a shock
wave, but no one was killed due to sparse population.  Most
scientists believe it was caused by a meteorite exploding several
miles above the surface of the Earth.  Labvin, however, believes
quartz slabs found at the site with strange markings on them are
evidence of an alien craft control panel.

Apr 2009 UFO News
Astronaut says 'We are not alone'
Former NASA astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, who was on an Apollo
mission in 1971, claims there
"is no doubt we are being visited."  
Mitchell asserted to the National Press Club that the U.S.
Government is covering the existence of extraterrestrial life.  
destiny, in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is
become a part of the planetary community.  We should be ready to
reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out
what is really going on out there."
(Source: Filer's Files #17-2009  Mufon.com)

UFO Spotted Over Mountain in Livingston, Montana April 6th
The UFO was photographed from a car window and described by a
man who would only go by the initials CMS, according to MUFON
Eastern Region Director, George Filer:
"I was taking random shots
for photo reference for my paintings. I discovered these images after
downloading them on to my computer. A small UFO was in the first
photo and the larger one is in this second photo. They appear to be
the same object, moving from southeast to northwest. The mountains
run north to south. I was facing south on Highway 89 about five  
miles south of Livingston.  The trees on the mountain are about 80
feet tall so this UFO must have been pretty big and moving fast."
(Source: Filer's Files #17-2009  Mufon.com)

Mar 2009 UFO News
Death of USAF Pilot connected to RAF is Explained
Captain William Schaffner's fatal crash into the North Sea on
September 8, 1970, had claimed he was on secret ops to intercept
UFOs.  He was stationed at Royal Air Force base Binbrook in
Lincolnshire.  He disappeared after approaching a bluish-light off the
east coast.  His plane was discovered a few weeks later.  The RAF
report says that Schaffner accidentally flew into the sea while doing
manuevers.  Officials claim there was no evidence of UFO aircraft.
Henry Kissinger's Influence on Foreign Policy and UFOs
President Obama's National Security Advisor recently made reference to Henry Kissnger,
but Kissinger’s influence over U.S. foreign policy goes back to Nazi Germany of World
War II.  Kissinger was was part of the Army’s Counterintelligence Corps who helped
identify Nazi scientists who had developed advanced military technologies for Hitler.  They
developed rockets, planes and flying saucer aircraft.  Some of the Nazi scientists
collected for Operation Paperclip were responsible for advanced scientific projects that
the father of modern rocketry, Hermann Oberth, claims had been assisted by knowledge
of extraterrestrial life and technology.

A video explaining the above
story in part, and its influence
on decisions made by the U.S.
government leaders:
Tonga UFO News?
A UFO was reported over Tonga trailing a plane, the Samoan Observer reported on
March 23rd, 2009:
"Two unidentified flying objects commonly known as UFOs were sighted in the sky
above Eua Island in Tonga on 31 January 2009.

The man who made the discovery is a visiting French photographer and journalist
named Daniel Ubertini.

Mr Ubertini did not see the saucer-like phenomena with his naked eye. They were
captured by his camera in photos taken of the airfield at the time. In the photo is also an
image of an inter island aircraft belonging to Great Barrier Airlines parked on Eua

It is understood the UFOs were following this aircraft while it was airborne. After he had
loaded the camera’s images in the computer he discovered two distinctive round images
in the background."

Strange Carved Stone May Point to UFOs and ETs
Ute Valley Park has had its share of UFO reports, so it was no surprise that UFO
investigator Chuck Zukowski would explore the area.  He spotted a strange face carved
in a stone that looked similar to designs found in English crop circles.  Were they made
by Native Americans?  
"They are more likely Ute," Zukowski said, "Though the style
seems more Aztec or Mayan, so who knows?"  
Zukowski believes the carving could be an American Indian record in stone of an
extraterrestrial encounter.
UFO News - Extraterrestrial carving?
Close-up of the facial image in stone.  Is it an
extra-terrestrial?  Does it bear resemblance to
ancient Mayan and Aztec Indian carvings?