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August 2009 UFO News
Buzz Aldrin Speaks Out About UFOs!
This story in UFO news is something that seems to keep growing.  
We found this wonderful article by Naomi Semeniuk who wonders
why the media does not yet believe UFOs to be real.  U.S. astronauts
seem to be highly credible witnesses!  Read her article here:
UFO Wonders: Buzz Aldrin Speaks Out

UFO Secrets of the United States Government
The Sacramento UFO Examiner received a very interesting UFO
story about Sergeant Clifford Stone.  You can read the story here:  
Sergeant Clifford Stone

The following is an intriguing video interview with the sergeant:
Mexico City UFO Releases Spheres!
A UFO video surfaced from Mexico City of a UFO releasing sphere
from two directions.  Watch the UFO news video below:
July 2009 UFO News
HD UFO Pictures Over US Capitol
You'll want to check out Will Allen's UFO photographs here:
U.S. Capitol UFO Picture

The Obama White House on UFOs
On July 24th, a Seattle caller asked the Obama White House for
transparency with respect to the existence of UFOs.  Press secretary
Robert Gibbs responded that he takes the UFO question seriously
(while smiling), but that he has not been briefed on the subject of
Huge UFO Sighting Over China
July 22nd, in the Deqing region of Guangdong province, China schoolchildren gathered
on roofs to witness the solar eclipse, but actually witnessed a phenomenal UFO event.

A UFO was clearly witnessed by most all students and faculty as it directly obstructed
their view. The UFO was described as the classic, silver, flying saucer.  Apparently, it
danced across the sky a few minutes and then vanished at tremendous speed.  The
China UFO was recorded on a cell phone video by one of the students and appeared
across China in its major newspapers.
Source:  All News Web
UFO over CHina!
Cell phone image of the UFO seen over China skies
in July near the time of the spectacular solar eclipse.

Notice the classic, shiny disc-shape of the UFO.
June 2009 UFO News
Alien Abduction and UFO Footage with Sound!
UFO Picture recently received a UFO video with sight and sounds on it, as well as a
lengthy story about alien abduction and UFO sightings taking place in Puerto Rico.  Be
sure and check out:
Alien Abduction.

Are UFOs Attracted to People like Magnets?
The idea that UFO hot spots exist, due to the Earth's magnetic anomalies in various
places has been bantered about by UFO specialists for decades.  Can this phenomena
also be occurring within some humans?  
Source: The Examiner
UFO Over Israel
Israeli jets fly toward a moving UFO
over Israel in the attempt to
overtake it.

The UFO easily zooms away from

See the UFO video at left of the
entire event.
UFO Crash in Queensland, Australia?
Did a UFO crash in Australia the middle of June, 2009?  That is the question, as the
mystery deepens.  The sighting by a retired Air Force pilot has heightened curiosity
surrounding the UFO sighting news story.

Source: All News Web