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December 2009 UFO News!
1977 Fort Benning Georgia UFO Attack & Abduction?
Did UFOs attack a military base and run experiments on soldiers who
now have foggy recollections of an alien invasion?
Source: PD Roberts

Federal Aviation Administration Secures New UFO Center
The FAA is going to use Bigelow Aerospace as one of many
reporting centers for UFOs and other strange aviation phenomenon.

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UFOs Over Michigan Christmas Display!
Michigan photographer snapping photos of Christmas lights notice
UFO anomalies in the skies upon examining pictures.
The Examiner

Norway UFO Was Russian Rocket Test Go Awry?
A strange circular shape in the Norwegian skies is claimed to be an
effect of a missile that went out of control.  The spectacular spiral-
swirl looked like something out of a comic book world and was
unbelievable to behold.
 Source: Fox News

November 2009 UFO News
1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Update
New information released in a court settlement points to the acorn-
shaped object that crashed as being either a UFO or some sort of U.
S. experimental craft.  Many documents were missing, but some
pieces shared are intriguing.
Source: Case Finally Closed?

Tracy, CA UFO Sighting Likely A Remote-Controlled Plane?
Apparently a UFO of blue lights stopped traffic and was reported as
moving in ways impossible by known aircraft.  Military helicopters in
the area afterward only fueled speculation.  Police, however,
speculate that a remote-controlled plane with blue LED lights was
being flown in the area.
 Source: Blue Lights

UFO Flying Over Kuwait
Two men in Kuwait told the media that they witnessed a flying saucer
humming overhead.  Both men saw the UFO nine days apart from
each other.  One man told police, “The body (of the UFO craft)
carries the same attributes mentioned by (the first witness),
containing...light in the middle and lined with small lights.
Al Bawaba

October 2009 UFO News
King's Dominion Smoke Ring
A circular ring rising a Virginia amusement park is attributed to being
caused by smoke from a Volcano attraction:
Halo Cloud Over Moscow - UFO Picture?
A strange circular cloud formed over Moscow.  Was it the
Russians playing with the weather again, or was it a UFO?

Indonesia UFO Picture!
Fantastic image was captured in Indonesia showing a UFO above
Jakarta!  Is this a good, real UFO photograph, or was the picture
created on a computer?  The experts argue that the space ship is
too good looking to be actual.  Skeptics of the experts are simply
skeptical.  You decide...                                     
Right: Jakarta UFO?
Moscow Halo Cloud UFO Picture
Indonesia UFO Picture
More Chinese Flying Discs?
October 18, 2009 many witnesses in Chongqing, China reported
two, silver UFOs flying over head.  There were no photographs
that surfaced, but many believers in what they saw.
Source: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page9199793.php
September 2009 UFO News
Kazakhstan Nazca Lines Linked to UFOs?
Geoglyphs, drawings made into the terrain by movement of soil and rock, are making
headlines of late.  Nazca lines in Kazakhstan appear to show a human-shaped form
between two large objects.  Could its maker have been trying to call to the heavens...to
UFOs or aliens?  Read the rest of the story here:
UFO Mysteries

UFO Over Philly Explained Away by NASA
Did you see the UFO flying over Philadelphia for about thirty minutes?  NASA came and
explained it away as being exhaust particles from a rocket they had recently launched.  
Read the full story here:

UFO At An Air Show Rocks!
A recent UFO sighting at an airshow demonstrated just how superior their flying
technology is when compared to modern-day aircraft.  You can read the full story here:
UFO To The Races or watch the video below of the UFO blowing by jets at the Airshow: