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March 2010 UFO News!
Wild Aircraft that may be Mistaken for UFOs!
We had to include this link, because it is quite educational for the
UFO enthusiast. Modern-day jets and other aircraft are routinely
being spotted and mistaken for UFOs. Read:
The Examiner

Lake Erie UFO? Nope.
Eugene Erlikh of Ohio believed he spotted a UFO over Lake Erie.
MUFON explored the evidence and determined the UFO sighting to
simply be jet traffic over Cleveland-Hopkins airport.

Chile Earthquake Creates a Hot Spot for UFO News!
Numerous UFO sightings have been reported in the skies above Chili
after a disastrous earthquake rocked the country recently.
Authorities are telling people not to be alarmed.
Source: All News

Florida UFO Forms A Triangle in the Sky
Last month, a witness in Florida captured video of a UFO flying in the
night sky, then splitting to form a triangular light shape.
Source: The Examiner
Video showing
a UFO split
into a triangle
- shaped UFO
in the night
skies over
February 2010 UFO News!
World UFO Photos Website Launched!
Ken Pfeiffer of MUFON's New Jersey chapter has put together a
wonderful UFO photograph site for the UFO investigative enthusiast
and curious seeker.

UFO Spotted at Swedish Concert?
Report of an unidentified flying object hovering above a heavy metal
concert stage is backed-up by a UFO photograph of the event.  Is it
a fake or the real deal?

British Government Releases UFO Evidence
Over 6000 pages of UFO reports that were previously deemed
confidential have been released this month.  Even more UFO
documentation will be released and hit the news later this year.
Source: LimeLife

Amazing UFO Video Filmed Over Rome
Russian tourists video recorded a stunning clip revealing a possible
UFO flying over Italy's famous city (see below). The spectators in the
video seem genuinely stunned.  The clip is currently being
investigated by UFO researchers.
Video showing a shocking UFO,
brilliantly lit above Rome.

Looks like a Chinese lantern to us,
with candle burning in the center to
carry it into the sky.
January 2010 UFO News!
UFOs Spotted Over UK During Fireworks Show?
Joanne Mali and her sister believe they might have captured a UFO during the a 2009
New Year's Eve celebration in the UK!  Now that's a way to start the new year!

Could 2010 Planetary Alignment Help Paranormal Contact?
We recently found this article about some unique heavenly events occurring this year
that might make contact with ghosts and the paranormal more possible.  Read about
Walt Bissell's theory that could apply to extraterrestrial communication and visitation, as
UFO News!  Moscow UFOS
Three UFOs Filmed Over Moscow
A film has surfaced showing three UFOs flying in
formation over the Russian city January 16th.

The three UFOs can be seen at right as three specks
of light above what may be a building antenna.
Source: People Magazine Daily
UFO Flying Behind A Formation Over China?
The last half of 2009 saw China being bombarded with UFO sighting reports.  This UFO
news was recently followed up with the above video.  Is this a flock of geese or jet fighters
in formation with a UFO trailing them?  The UFO Video was reportedly filmed in a northern
wilderness region of China.