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June 2010 UFO News!
Director of Disclosure Project Asks Obama to Release Info
Steven Greer, MD, Director of the Discloure Project, has asked
President Obama to be transparent about UFOs and the government
Source: Basil & Spice
UFO Picture
UFO Over New York?
Right: A UFO shaped like a
cylinder was captured flying over
New York.

Source: BeforeItsNews
Perthshire Cigar-shaped Cloud Looks Like UFO
Recent sightings of a massive, football-shaped UFO was believed to
be formed by wind coming over mountains.
Source: The Sun

UFO Over Australia May Be Rocket
A bright spiraling anomaly in the sky is likely to be either space junk
or a rocket, according to an astronomer.
Source: News XinHuanet

May 2010 UFO News!
Russian Halo Cloud Thought to Be Ominous Warning
In October 2009, a halo-type cloud appeared in the skies over
Moscow. Some have said it was an optical illusion created by the
sun, while others believe it to be a sign of alien contact. Russian
academia is now claiming the sign in the sky was an attempt by
aliens to warn us of an impending asteroid collision.
Watch the video and read the story at: All News Web

Strange Lights in Western Canada - UFO?
Strange swirling lights captured in video and photo appear to be
something out of this world. Is it the product of a hoax, or were they
created by a missile like Norway's recent sighting of a faulty,
gone-haywire, Russian missile? You decide...
See video and images at NationalTurk.com

Southern Colorado Cattle Mutilations
Aliens are being blamed for disgusting cattle mutilations found in San
Luis Valley - a hotbed for UFO sightings. Are they the product of a
cult or UFOs?
Source: Before It's News

China UFO Embassy
The Chinese, working a little harder and a little faster, could be
reaching out to UFOs in order to broker a relationship!

April 2010 UFO News!
Teenagers Claim UFO Picked UP Their Car!
Two teens claim a black UFO approached the car they were sitting in
and lifted it up into the air, dropping the car back down 180 feet
Source: The Examiner

'The Secret" DVD Hopes to Prove U.S. Knows About UFOs
Dr. Bob Wood and his son are trying to prove the existence of UFOs
and a government cover-up.
Source: OC Register

Author Believes Alien Contact is Increasing
Jim Moroney, author of the book, "UFOs, Alien Abductions, and the
Coming ET Presence," believes sightings and contacts with UFOs
and extraterrestrials is on the uprise.
Source: Basil & Spice

Man Films UFO Lights Over Geelong
Filming from his balcony, the man captured balls of light soaring in
the night sky.
(See the lengthy UFO video below)