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September, 2010 UFO News!
Winston Churchill 50 Year UFO Cover-up
Recently released documents reveal that an RAF encounter with a
UFO was ordered hidden by the Prime Minister himself.
Read the Rest of the Story: Churchill UFO Cover-up

Venus Mistaken for UFO
Many people were reporting a bright, shiny light in the sky that they
normally do not see. Turns out the shiny ball is a planet and not a
 Source: Tuscon Citizen

Morphing UFO Over Columbia
An unidentified "floating" object is said to change shape in a video
recorded of the skies over Columbia. Does it morph?
See: Columbian UFO Video

August, 2010 UFO News!
UFO From Roswell Tested in Canton, Ohio
A story broke recently about pieces of the UFO wreckage from New
Mexico's 1947 Roswell incident ended up at the Timken Steel
Company that same year.

Brazil Attempting to Record UFO Sightings
The Brazilian government wants all civilian and military pilots to
report all UFO encounters with the National Aerospace Defence
 Source: BBC News

China Comes Forth Validating UFO Presence
The head of the Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory has
publicly admitted that UFOs and aliens are visiting the earth.
Professor Sichao also stated that these are probes that the
observatory has seen many times. He claims they are manned by
robots, travel about 80% the speed of light, using the earth's gravity
to stay aloft as they do research here.  
Source: All News Web  

July 2010 UFO News!
UFO Over China IS Big News!
Did a UFO hover over the skies of China on July 7th as reported by
news agencies from around the world? Even CNN bought into this, so
is there any basis for the alien in the sky sightings? Check out our
article about the Chinese UFO...

UFO Investigator Visiting the Isles of Capri
Strange lights have been seen over the Capri area of Florida.
Morgan Beall of MUFON is talking to eye witnesses and viewing the
UFO photograph up close and in-person.
Source: MarcosIslandFlorida.com

Malyasian UFO Real or Hoax?
A reported sighting of a UFO over Tuaran Beach Resort in Borneo is
complete with a fantastic-looking Sci-Fi photograph. (Looks like it
was created, to us, but you judge it for yourself. See below...)
Source: Tuscon Citizen