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December UFO News!
UFO Camera: Full Spectrum Cameras to Capture UFOs
Will full spectrum cameras, that are becoming popular, allow more
people to record UFOs in photo and video over the next few years?
Here's the idea behind UFOs hiding beyond human eyesight and
where to get a camera to find them!

UFO Filmed Over Australia December 7th, 2010!
People of Adelaide, South Australia witnessed a UFO with lights
flying overhead. A video of the event was also recorded:

November UFO News!
Mysterious Rocket Over California. UFO, Plane or Missile?
The web and TV was a buzzin' over a local news team video of what
looked like a missile being shot over the state of California. Turns out
it is was a plane contrail...
Source: Tonic

UFO Lands in Krishna India
Weather device that fell from the skies and crashed frightened
Vuyyur town locals until it was identified as something
Source: India Times

UFOs Shaped Like Doritos in Britain?
Could Frito Lay be at it again? Take a look at this UFO story and
video. Some of the triangular shaped UFOs captured by people look
more like kites than the real thing. The video is more compelling with
the lights and all. Britain has been undergoing a tremendous rash of
UFO sightings of late.
Source: AOL News

Cattle Mutilations Blamed on UFOs Again
Horses near Denver, Colorado have been found dead with body
parts missing and the animals mutilated in the process. The owners
of the equine believe they are the result of alien testing.
Tuscon Citizen

October UFO News!
Chinese UFOs Rock the Skies Above China Provinces!
This THE UFO news story of the summer and not just October. Read
up on the rash of UFO sighting news coming from Far East Asia.
See: UFOs Over China
UFO News: CHinese UFO
CHinese UFO PIcture
Chinese UFOs - UFO CHina Picture