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1870 ufo picture
This page is a small collection of
how UFO Picture history changed
the world.  Take a stroll through
some of the older UFO pictures that
made history.  The 1940s, 1950s and
1960s gave rise to a craze in UFO
picture taking (and creating).  These
represent only a few of the many
that exist still today in collections.

Left: 1870 New Hampshire UFO
1927 ufo picture
UFO history is a funny thing, as it
seemed when one person had the
idea of aliens, the entire world
jumped on board with UFO sightings
and reports.  Many fans of UFOs  
sprung up, with almost as many UFO
hoaxers throwing pie pans into the
sky while their buddies snapped

Left: 1927 Oregon UFO Picture
1932 ufo picture
Of course the 1940's seemed to
have the US Government on-board
with UFO sightings, even to the
point that the next couple decades
would have government officials
performing extensive exploration of
most all UFO reports.  

Left: 1932 Ohio UFO Picture
1942 ufo picture
The sighting of a UFO over Los
Angeles that was fired upon by the
military while being spot-lighted was
a huge event during World War II.  
Of course, many believed it was a
Japanese attack, but was it of this
earth or extra-terrestrial in nature?

Left: 1942 Los Angeles UFO
1944 ufo picture
It would seem that UFOs were not
content to just explore the United
States during war-time, as this
photograph from England of a UFO
raised many questions about UFO
and military - were they government
created for and during the war?

Left: 1944 England UFO Picture
1947 ufo picture
Though the war ended, the UFO
pictures did not.  This one was
taken by aircraft after World War II.  
In fact, military personnel would
take many of the famous UFO
pictures we have seen to this day,
including Coast Guard and Air Force

Left: 1947 New Jersey UFO Picture
1949 ufo picture
Under military spotlight, a ROTC
sergeant took the UFO picture at

Left: 1949 Cincinnati UFO Picture
1950 ufo picture
The 1950s and beyond seemed to
become the era of covering up UFO
reports through discrediting them.  
This angered many UFO fans and
investigators, making many attempt
to get the government to "come
clean."  Does the US government
have evidence of UFO ships?

Left: 1950 Oregon UFO Picture
1951 ufo picture
The Lubbock Lights were an
unusual formation of lights seen by
many witnesses over Lubbock,
Texas, August-September 1951. The
incident received national publicity
and was the second great UFO case
in the United States after the
Roswell UFO incident.

Left: 1951 Lubbock, Texas UFO
1952 ufo picture
Who would of thought that UFO
enthusiasts might get a big
kick-start by the reports of UFO
sightings over the capitol!  This no
fly zone was completely breached in
1952.  One could say the UFO pilots
made themselves known to the

Left: 1952 Washington, DC UFOs
1952 ufo picture

Left: 1952 Salem, Mass. UFO Picture
1954 ufo picture

Left: 1954 Sicily, Italy UFO Picture
1956 ufo picture

Left: 1956 South Africa UFO
1958 ufo picture
Was this UFO picture of an alien
craft or was it US government
experimental?  Some claim it came
from an instructional
UFO video that
leaked to the public.  

Left: 1958 Edwards AFB UFO
1959 ufo picture
UFO picture from the US
government secretive UFO study
program called, Project Blue Book.  

Left: 1959 Hawaii UFO Picture
1960 ufo picture

Left: 1960 Italy UFO Picture
1963 ufo picture

Left: 1963 New Mexico UFO
1964 ufo picture
Since he was a teenager, Billy Meier
claims to have been contacted by
aliens from the Pleiads and has
numerous UFO pictures and videos
to prove it. This one was taken in
New Delhi.  

Left: 1964 India UFO Picture
1965 ufo picture
This UFO picture looks too much
like a pie pan thrown into the air,
but the picture became famous and
was published in a California
newspaper at the time.

Left: 1965 Santa Ana UFO Picture
1966 ufo picture
The UFO picture at left is reported
to be a landed craft on a road...

Left: 1966 Michigan UFO Picture
1967 ufo picture
UFO picture at left is considered a
classic by many UFO picture
collectors, but looks again like a pie
pan or two bolted together -
unevenly at that!  

Left: 1967 Rhode Island UFO Picture
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