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UFO Pictures: UFO Over a field
This page is a small collection of
UFO pictures and stories...

The UFO at left is not known if it is
alien, natural or man-made.  The
photo was taken by Eddie McFish.

Left: UFO Over A Field Picture
Mount Rogers UFO Picture
This UFO picture was taken by Vicky
TGAW up the AT Spur Trail at Mount
Rogers.  She snapped the faded
UFO picture from the Massey Gap
parking lot.

Left: Mount Rogers UFO Picture
The UFO picture at the left was
taken by Adam Baker near Las
Vegas.  The lights streak along the
side of the mountain and reflect in
the lake.

Left: Las Vegas UFO Picture
Pepinke photographed this UFO
picture over San Marino.

Left: San Marino UFO Picture
UFOs over city!
Isabisa took this photo, and no
other photos including her friend's
photographs showed the strange
UFO anomalies.

Left: UFOs Over City Picture
McMinnville, Trent UFO Picture
Taken in Evelyn Trent's backyard in
1950.  Location is McMinnville,
Oregon.  Taken while on her farm.   
This UFO sighting is still a legend
and mystery...

Left: Trent, McMinnville UFO Picture
Valpariaso Bay UFO Picture
Close-up of the 2005 UFO sighting
which occurred over Valparaiso Bay.
 The UFO photograph was taken by
Felixion and witnessed flying
maneuvers for 42 minutes.

Left: Valparaiso Bay UFO Picture
The picture at left was taken of the
UFO spotted over the Westgate
Bridge.  Photograph courtesy of

Left: Westgate Bridge UFO Picture
Gaelic UFO picture
Dubbed the "Gaelic UFO" picture by
B. Botany.  UFO is at bottom right.

Left: Gaelic UFO Picture
Thunderpaw took this UFO photo (in
Hawaii, we think) and believes it to
be a water drop, lint, or something.  
It's neither of those, but could it be
a bird?  You decide...

Left: Hawaii UFO Picture?
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