UFO Sightings Map

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Welcome to our UFO sightings map page.  Below is our UFO
sightings map
, depicting the regions across the United
States that have the most UFO sightings.  The UFO Sightings
Map allows you to compare high UFO sighting regions with
the United States Government Map of Special Use Airspace.
UFO Sightings Map
Above: Map of North American, top ten, regional UFO sightings.

The yellow, highlighted regions indicate where the most UFO sightings
are recorded across the United States.  These regions are marked over
top of the U.S. Special Use Airspace.  In other words, the map also
indicates regions where non-commercial, government aircraft operate.  
You can see the up to date listings of non-commercial operations and
flights live, by visiting:
US Airspace Operations.

The Top Ten places across the country for UFO sightings (according to
the Center for UFO Studies) are as follows:

1) Los Angeles, California
2) King, Washington
3) Cook, Illinois
4) Maricopa, Arizona
5) Westmoreland, PA
6) San Diego, California
7) Saguache, CO
8) Santa Rosa, FL
9) Yakima, Washington
10) Rockingham, NH

The above top ten list was compiled by looking at data from 1947-2005.
It should be somewhat apparent that military bases are near many of the
high-sighting areas for UFOs.  

By comparing the map of the U.S. Airspace Operations of
non-commercial aircraft, with the top areas to spot a UFO, can we
detect a correlation between UFO sightings and Government aircraft
operations?  Could military, experimental aircraft be responsible for
many of the UFO sightings?  You decide...

For a live UFO sightings map, go here:
UFO Sightings.
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UFO Sightings Map
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