UFO Texas 2008

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A UFO was spotted over a small Texas town called Stephenville.
A large but silent object was seen in the sky
just over Stephenville, Texas by dozens of
eye witnesses mid-January, 2008.  Many
reported the UFO as very close to the
ground, having strange lights and being
pursued by F-16 fighter jets.  The U.S.
military denied being in the area...well that is

Over a week after trying to explain the UFO
sighting as an illusion created by commercial
airliners and sunlight, government officials
now state that ten F-16 fighters were on
training exercises near the small town, but
deny any rumors of a UFO being the reason
for their secret mission.  This latest turn of
events has made even more people believe
there is a government UFO cover-up.
According to the Associated Press, several dozen people saw the UFO over Texas, and that includes a
county constable, pilot and several business owners all insisting they saw a large, silent UFO with bright
lights and flying low, but fast. Others saw fighter jets chasing it.  While federal officials insisted there is a
logical explanation, local UFO witnesses swore that they saw a craft that was much larger, much quieter,
 and much faster than any known airplane.  It was also flying lower to the ground than aircraft are
allowed to fly, also.  The object had lights that seemed to change in configuration, unlike any airplane.
Apparently the UFO sighting in Stephenville
was not the only town to witness the UFO in
Texas.. People in other Texas towns who
reported seeing a UFO several weeks prior
to the Stephenville sighting also gave similar
descriptions of the air or space craft.

One witness described the UFO over Texas
as being "bigger than a Walmart."  The UFO
was seen for about five minutes over
Stephenville, during the time the local Air
Force Reserve base ran their training
mission from 6-8 PM the same evening.  The
F-16s in the area only seem to affirm eye
witness accounts, as they correctly identified
the fighter jets in the evening sky.
Video images have now surfaced showing the strange strobe-like lights in the sky.  The lights looked
like a swirling, glowing white and multi-colored plasma, moving around in snake-like fashion.  What
airplane known to man puts on that type of light display?  Are there UFOs over Texas?  You decide...
UFO over Texas