UFO Videos

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UFO Videos have been
surfacing for about fifty
years, but many people
have remained
skeptical as to their

The reason for this is
due to the sheer
number of good, fake
UFO videos that have
surfaced.  However,
many UFO videos have
also been filmed that do
not seem to have had
any alterations or
explanations.  We have
tried to present both
types of UFO videos for
your study.  Enjoy page

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UFO Videos

Brazil UFO Video  
Flying saucer video over a
city in Brazil is eerie...

ISS UFO Video  
UFO flying around the
International Space Station
in this video.

Belgium UFO Video  
Whirling spacecraft UFO
video over Belgium...

Amazing UFO Video
This UFO video was taken at
night time and is very cool.

UFO Sightings
Some amazing UFO videos...

Columbian UFO Video
Morphing UFO in the skies
above Bello.
ufo videos ufo video
Extraterrestrial Video
UFO alien or humanoid video is
up close and dirty!  

Alien in Window Video
Recently released and
scrutinized video...

UFO Hunters Video
See the trailer to this exciting
new show on History Channel.

Man On Mars Video?
Did NASA capture images of a
man or creature on Mars?

Apollo 20 UFO Videos
A must see of a UFO on the
moon and a city!

Essex UFO Video
Could this multiple UFO light
balls be a hoax? See it...

2012 UFO Videos
Early in the year, UFOs are being
filmed around the world!
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UFO Flying Maneuvers
Three videos to watch of
the same UFO...

Puerto Rican UFO
Listen to the sound and
see it float!

Roswell UFO Crash
Are these metallic pieces
from a UFO?

More UFO Videos
Even More UFO Videos
Yes, More UFO Videos!
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