Apollo 20 UFO Videos

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Apollo 20 video of an alien UFO on the moon during CSM flyover.
Below is 16mm footage through the telescope lens, made by Leona Snyder
during the lunar orbit revolutions.
Incredible UFO videos from the Apollo 20 mission in 1976!

The first UFO video shows Apollo 20 photographs  - 3 stills of metric
photography capturing a UFO on the moon.
City on the Moon filmed by Apollo 20 in 1976!

The Apollo 20, August 1976 mission went to the Delporte-Izsak part of the
moon. Among the treasures found during the mission was a city. This is
proof that we are not alone.  This is an extract of the lunar rover
transmission at mission elapsed time 140, around Iszak D, showing the city.