UFO Sightings & United States Presidents

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It may seem almost inconceivable that a US President may hold
beliefs about UFOs or that some Presidents of the United States
have admitted to being witnesses of unidentified flying objects.
But, believe it or not, it's true.

Both Presidents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, saw UFOs
in the sky. Reagan saw a flying light while traveling in a small
Cessna plane as Governor of California. It was a bright light that
the plane with four witnesses followed until it disappeared into the
heaven-lies. Like President Reagan, Carter was also a governor,
but of Georgia, when he saw an illuminated UFO.

Bill Clinton says he tried to find out the truth behind UFOs, aliens
and a government cover-up (if there was one). He is not the first
President to make an attempt to do so. John F. Kennedy tried it
before President Clinton back in 1963. President Kennedy was
seeking documentation of UFOs from the CIA and NASA before
he was assassinated. US President Harry S. Truman was also
said to have an interest in UFOs and sought to find out the truth
behind unidentified flying saucers.

President Richard Nixon was rumored to have taken comedian
Jackie Gleason to a Florida Air Force base in Homestead to
view UFOs and alien bodies that supposedly had been recovered
by the U.S. Government. Both Gleason and his wife shared the
story publicly.

Many believe President George H. W. Bush, who had formerly
been the director of the CIA, had many times hinted to having
knowledge about UFOs when questioned by reporters. But, Bush
never came forth with whatever it is he knows.

Gerald Ford, while a State Representative, asked for the truth to
be revealed concerning UFO sightings in Michigan. He requested
a government hearing into a rash of UFO reports after not being
satisfied by the Air Force explanation of the cause: swamp gas.

Rumors about U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower having
knowledge about aliens (and UFOs) being present in the United
States are said to have originated from a mysterious, 1950s
document. True or not? Who knows.

Lyndon B. Johnson is said to been notified by phone when a UFO
crashed in Kecksburg, PA. The Joint Chiefs of Staff had an
emergency meeting with the President the very next morning at
his ranch (while he was vacationing). Was it about the UFO, and if
so, why did it require a sudden meeting and what was found?
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