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For decades, many have been intrigued by the prospect of UFOs supposedly being
stored at the secret unofficial military base known as Area 51 in Nevada. We say
unofficial, because officially the top secret base isn't supposed to exist. That said,
what's bubbled forth lately within the UFO community could just prove that unidentified
flying objects were definitely part of Area 51's store: just not the flying saucers, perhaps,
many have suspected.

When we hear the word UFO, most of us think of alien spacecraft. The term, however,
simply means an unidentified object that is flying in the air or atmosphere. But what may
be unidentified to you and me could have an identity known by the military. Just
because the military doesn't want us to know about strange, new flying technology does
not mean it is of alien origin or that a cover-up is a government conspiracy. Truly, it is
possible that some UFOs are spy planes and other type of aircraft that are not ready to
be unveiled to the enemies of the United States.
A12 Spy Plane
Spy plane wreckage
Wreckage cover up outside Area 51
Recently, photos were released by
the CIA of an A12 spy plane that
looked quite “out of this world.” It was
constructed from titanium to make it
light weight. This gave the jet a bright
metallic-look, something that must
have been extraordinary to see in
flight. Add to this its sleek design
and speed, and the UFO was
complete and unique. The project
that developed the A12 was known
as the OXCART program, and it was
to succeed the U2 spy plane if
successfully tested.
The A12 was extremely fast, flying
at 2,200 mph, capable of flying
across the United States in a little
over an hour. Unfortunately, the spy
jet crashed in Utah in 1963. The
government did clean the wreckage
area thoroughly in an attempt to
cover up its development. When it
did go into service, it lasted one
year, then was decommissioned.

Left: Wreckage of the U.S. spy plane
scattered across the desert.

Below: The U.S. "covers up" wreckage to
keep its UFO (A12) secret.
Above: The mighty spy plane at Area 51 is hanging upside
down for wind tests. Its chrome appearance is from titanium
Thousands of test flights took place
from Area 51 between the fifties and
sixties, so somebody had to see
something, somewhere, sometime.
And reports of these flights did come
in which fueled speculation of UFOs
being hidden and experimented with
at Area 51. The odd-shaped, Mach 3
flying craft was truly unidentifiable to
pilots and others who witnessed it -
being the bright A12 test jet.
It's believed that Area 51 was created by the military in order to develop and test top
secret planes and other equipment in the middle of the desert – far away from the
public eye. How did the U.S. Military hide spy planes and other secret project from
Russian spy satellites? U.S. Intelligence  provided a schedule of when satellites would
pass over head; Area 51 security simply heeded the warnings, knowing what type of spy equipment was
peeking in and when. Sheds were used to pull secret aircraft into cover, and cardboard dummy planes used to
create falsely-shaped heat signatures to throw the Soviets off.

Of course, all of this makes us wonder what must still lie within the walls of Area 51, and if incredible spy aircraft
has been housed, tested, and hidden from Russian satellites, did other alien aircraft make its way there, too, for
the same purpose.

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