UFOs in Art

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UFOs in Art
This page is a small collection of
UFOs in art.  Many do not realize
that artists have illustrated and
painted UFOs in their artwork back
even before the Renaissance times.
Much of the art here is from the
Renaissance, but all depict UFOs in
some form that will looking strikingly
familiar to modern-day photographs
and pictures.  Enjoy the UFOs in Art!

Left: The Annunciation of St Emidus
by Carlos Crivelli 1486
UFOs in Art
UFO history is a funny thing, as it
seemed when one person had the
idea of aliens, the entire world
jumped on board with UFO sightings
and reports.  But older art with
images of UFOs and spacecraft
really make one consider the UFO
phenomena had been around a
long, long time!  Are those rabbit

Left: Glorification of the Eucharist
by Bonaventura Salimbeni 1600
UFOs in Art
What is that flying behind the man in
Renaissance costume?  This art
excerpt shows a UFO that does not
look like the sun, moon, star or
comet.  Notice how it has windows
on the round ball shape!
UFOs in Art
The flying disk has been around for
a long time.  This tapestry shows
one in the background.  What else
could it be but a UFO?

Left: 14th century French tapestry
UFOs in Art
Should you re-think your religion?  
Here is a light shining down during
the baptism of Christ in this art.  
Why is God depicted as a round disk
with four beams of light in the sky?

Left: The Baptism of Christ
by Aert De Gelder 1710
UFOs in Art
Speaking of Christ, here is a
close-up of him in this art work
while on the cross.  Why is there
another UFO-looking disk with him?
Are UFOs in art to show us a truth
that's been known for thousands of
years, but covered up?

Left: La Tebaide
by Paolo Uccello 1465  (close-up)
UFOs in Art
A man in the background looking up
to the sky at an object that looks
strikingly like UFOs.  Is this UFO in
this art depict alien intelligence and
intervention with mankind?  Were
they overseeing the birth, baptism
and death of Jesus; and could they
have been the source of his
wisdom?  Were UFOs and the
"heavenly Father" he referenced

Left: Madonna with St.Giovannino
by Domenico Ghirlandaio 15th century
 UFOs in Art
Is Jesus and Mary riding a
spacecraft or a cloud?  In this art
entitled, "Fondazione della chiesa di
Santa Maria Maggiore a Roma"
created in 1428, Masolino da
Panicale seemed to illustrate clouds
as saucers that those who were
enlightened rode upon.  The
background of the art has what
looks like many more UFOs in it.  Do
clouds look like disks?  Is the artist
saying UFOs sometimes
masquerade as clouds?  You decide.
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