White House Responds to Extraterrestrial Cover-Up

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The United States Government Denies Knowing About or Covering Up Information About UFOs
Officially in 2011, the White House flatly
stated that the United States government
has no idea if there are such things as
extraterrestrial life forms. The official
decree is actually a response to two
online petitions that had more than
17,000 signatures, requesting the
government acknowledge that is knows
there is alien contact with the human race.
The petitions also demanded that the
U.S. Government disclose all knowledge
and communications with alien life forms.

The alien-UFO cover-up petitions went
viral after the White House initiative
called, "We the People" was launched.
In September, the Obama administration agreed to respond to all petitions within 30 days that
have at least 25,000 signatures upon. But who would have thought that petitions claiming the
United States has covered up UFOs and alien contact would spark a quick response? Here's
the official word from our government on UFO contact and extraterrestrial communication:
"The U.S. government has no evidence
that any life exists outside our planet, or
that an extraterrestrial presence has
contacted or engaged any member of
the human race. ...there is no credible
information to suggest that any
evidence is being hidden from the
public's eye."

- Phil Larson, White House Office of
Science and Technology Policy

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