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When one looks at a UFO picture, it is hard not to wonder when the first UFO sightings were witnessed.  What is
the earliest UFO Picture taken of unidentified spacecraft?  How about a picture of
UFOs in Art?

UFO Picture has looked into a brief UFO history and realized that before the first UFO picture existed, there were
UFO stories.  A beginning picture of UFOs can be found within the biblical book of Ezekiel, according
to many experts.  Then over thousands of years, artists have depicted in picture, the destruction of Sodom and
Gomorrah, Elijah’s Chariot of Fire and other possible UFO descriptions in scripture.

Pictures of UFOs captured before the camera in Renaissance artwork is amazing to study.  One can find many
a UFO picture hidden in artwork by European masters beginning in the 1300s, but truly UFOs have been found
within ancient Egyptian art and picture before this.  In fact, many believe ancient Sumerian gods look alien-like
and may be an accurate picture of the earliest UFO visitation imaginable.  And, what about
Alien Abduction?

UFO Picture has chosen some of the best photos taken over the last century and created a UFO Picture History
page with a collection of photographs to explore.  The UFO craze that hit the world in the 1900s, truly spawned
fake UFO picture creators, but still, some of the images are amazing and still stand today as UFO
evidence at its best.  Enjoy our
UFO Pictures collection.  Read: Real UFO Pictures & Capturing UFO Pictures.

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View incredible UFO Pictures
captured from around the world
between the 1950's - 2000's.
This UFO Picture video ends
with pictures pre -1950, as well
as artwork from history.  The
creator makes an appearance
at the end - humorous indeed.  
After showing such a huge
amount of UFO evidence, he
poses the statement, "There is
no such thing as UFOs."  He
seems to challenge that thought
by casting it in light of all the
proof that he found.  Fantastic!  
The question is, "Do YOU
believe in UFOs?"

UFO Pictures collected from
1870 until 1959.  If these were
faked, they were done before
the computer.

UFO Pictures collected from
1870 until 2007.  Not all
unidentified flying objects are of
alien nature.  Some UFOs are
military aircraft, such as
German classified Nazi aircraft.

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History of the Flying Wing
History of Flying Saucers  

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UFO Pictures from 2005-2007.
An amazing collection of recent
UFO Photographs!
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